I have recently seen many of my mates complaining and nagging and moaning, the usual when things don’t go their way!

This led me to write up a post about the power of thinking positive, and how it can help enhance you in many ways more than one. I have always been a firm believer of staying positive always, without positive thinking you can’t really get much done, and when I heard my mates moaning and nagging, It just made me angry! People only nag and moan, when they are being negative towards a certain situation which isn’t pleasing to them. Negative thoughts only help to keep you off track on doing the things you want to do.

if YOU think YOU can, then YOU can, if YOU think YOU cant, then YOU cant! Powerful stuff!

There are huge benefits when you think positive all the time, you will feel more in touch with yourself, more in control of every situation in hand, all outcomes will go your way, you will never look back, and you will always look forward and keep improving. When you think negative it has an effect of holding you back from doing the things you want to, such as working out for an example, when the thought comes into your head and tells you “maybe I can workout another time, its not going to make a difference.” That in itself is negative, and will impact you, and make you lazy and less productive, thinking positive such as “Yes, I will workout today and I will improve and make it good!” That in itself is positive and will get you to do what you want to do, as there are no excuses, you will feel better after doing this, and will leave you in a state of happiness.

Why negative thinking is bad for you

Negative thinking will always hinder your progress in anything, this can be anywhere from general life, working out and diet, and many more things, as the mind is always a part of you, and every person will go through a thought process before doing anything, they will weigh the options, and sometimes negative thoughts can take over a persons mind, once this negativity takes over your thinking patterns, it will affect you in everyway there is, as a negative mindset is stuck inside you unless your willing to force through your mental barriers and think positive, only then will you realise how much different life can be.

ositive thinking has huge powers when used properly, it can alter your life and change you for the good, as once you get into the habit of only thinking positive thoughts, this will take over in your mind, and from then on, everything will be positive, and clearer. Positive Reassurances will also help in everything wrong with you, if you tell yourself, there are no issues, then there will be no issues, if you have hurt yourself, thinking of healing this, can help heal this, thats how powerful your mind is!

Take action today and change the way you think, don’t dwell on the past, don’t dwell on minor problems and issues, as these will hold you back and stop you from becoming one with yourself. The most successful people in this world, are the positive thinkers, who think along the lines of, “how can I improve?” “ I can do this!” “ I will not fail and succeed on what I have aimed to do.” Thinking positive affirmations will stick in your mind, and the more you repeat positive ideas, the more your mind will get trained to let go of negativity, and get a mental grasp on the positive things in life. Your lifestyle will be better, everyone around you will notice your always happy, genuine and honest, and never think wrong, this will also wear off onto these people, and these people in return will show you much greater respect.

Overall thoughts on the Power of Thinking Positive

Trust me, once you get a hold of this hidden ability which everyone has, you will definitely improve as a person, as a being, as you will be full of love, and not hate, people will learn to accept you for you, you shouldn’t let anyone walk over you, as your decisions are your decisions, which are for the greater good for yourself only, when you let others into your head, this shows a sign of weakness to everyone, and this will have a negative effect in your life, take control today, and start gaining the power of thinking positive, and everything will only fall in to place for you, the way you want it to, this can be applied to almost anything you want in life, as there should be no more issues, no more worries, only positive thoughts to take you forward in life!

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