The question really is…can you lose fat + gain muscle at the same time?

Have you been hearing and reading everywhere that this isn’t possible? Well let me tell you something, whatever you have been hearing isn’t true! You can indeed lose fat and gain muscle at the same time, as both of these are different functions in the human body and they don’t interfere with one another….interesting right? Even I was fascinated when I found this out after a lot of hard research! It took me some time…but I found out in the end that both of these things are truly possible, how great it is to know that the human body is so complex that it can do many things at once, but we are constantly misinformed to believe that none of this is possible!

Can you lose fat, and gain muscle?

What is it that makes you lose fat and gain muscle?

Let me tell you something that will definitely change your thinking towards exercise in general…working out on its own will create new muscle, and dieting will make you burn the fat! Don’t get confused when people do say that you need to over eat to gain muscle, but honestly that isn’t true, as the more you eat the fatter you will get! I’m not saying that you won’t gain muscle from the eating too, it’s just that by over eating your just hiding that muscle you are building, and this gives us the effect that we are getting bigger…yes we are! But in both ways, with fat and muscle, if you diet properly with proper nutrition and a solid workout full of volume and intensity, your muscles will go from inactive to active, this will make the muscles grow on its own! The more intensity and volume you put on a muscle the more it will grow! This put with proper dieting will make you lost fat and gain muscle, as the main factors for fat loss is having a calorie deficit, this is where the saying “you can’t out exercise a bad diet!” comes from. With a caloric deficit on a weekly basis, you will lose fat, and with proper solid hard workouts, you will lose fat and gain muscle all at the same time!

The Human body is so complex!

The body is a complex system that not even scientists can tell what the body can do! The only way to learn from this is by testing on you, what works and what doesn’t. Only this way can you figure out that it really works, as you are the only one that has access to your body, and you know your body better than anyone else, heck! You might even be able to do things others bodies can’t do, that is how different we all are, but the common simple parts of the human body we all have. The same system, the same way of putting muscle on, the same way of losing fat, except we all have our own special ways of achieving this, yet everyone can do it! My body has changed so much by strictly dieting on a caloric deficit on a weekly basis, and working out 4 times a week, my upper body has transformed, and I have been seeing gains that I never thought I would on a caloric deficit! At the same time I have lost fat as well, because my weight has dropped by 5 pounds in the last 3 weeks, and my waist has gotten smaller, yet my t shirts have gotten a bit tighter! The human body is a wonderful thing that we can learn so much from about ourselves.

Gaining Muscle takes time, but the rewards are great!

The more muscle you put on, the more fat you will burn, this is true, but the amount of muscle people put on, isn’t as much as you think, as muscle weighs a lot more than fat, that’s why having the right amount of muscle in the right places, with the right focus on that particular muscle group, you will enhance the look of that muscle greatly with hard workouts! This takes time, but to be honest 10 pounds of muscle, will look like a lot on the human body, this is because, once the fat is gone, this muscle will stand out, and as muscle weighs a lot more than fat, you need less of it to look good, and be lean, unless your goals are to be a bodybuilder or even bigger, than more workouts will be needed, but everyone has a limit of how much muscle they can put on, but realistically, you only need about 10-15 pounds of muscle spread out all over your body to genuinely look good! This can take time for people, who have been working out for some time, or you might already have that muscle underneath from previous workouts, you might just need to add more definition to that muscle, so a strength training routine will help you massively to look lean, ripped and cut! For beginners, muscle will be very easy to put on, because in a matter of 2-3 months you can easily pack on 5-10 pounds of muscle, with plenty of protein and healthy eating too, this might vary for everyone, as you can’t guarantee results without hard work and determination! Muscle grows when it is challenged in every work out, and if the muscle can handle a certain weight easily, then you are not working it hard enough. Building muscle takes time, and every work out, you need to up the intensity and volume, as this is how muscle truly grows, that with proper nutrition too!

It may sound crazy! But it is possible to Lose Fat + Gain Muscle all at the same time!

As you can see, the body is complex, but the body can be worked to make things work for you, the body can burn fat when your low on energy reserves, the body builds muscle when you work the muscles harder. It’s a constant cycle of improving the body, and the body knows this, so all the processes are naturally done for you. You can do any form of training, from bodyweight training to weight training to achieve fat loss and muscle gain! You have to remember though this can only happen if you are willing to put the effort in, to let the body do this for you! Take the information from this post, and use it, motivate yourself, and get going, work out like you have never worked out, make every work out count like it’s your last. Make the body better than the gym, because you are stronger, you can achieve anything, and no challenge will stop you from succeeding in reaching your goals! Remember this; everything is possible if you put your mind and body to action.

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