Have you ever been lacking in motivation?

The idea of eating healthy or getting in a much needed workout seems like a good idea but you just don’t manage to get it done? Excuses pile up for why you can’t workout or why another cookie seems like a good idea. These excuses or reasons may not even be overly conscious: the things you know you should do have dropped to the bottom of your to-do list as a nagging item that never gets checked off.

I’ve been there too. When I hurt my back recently I was sore and unable to workout. As I started to feel better, I didn’t return to a regular workout routine. At first it was because I was cautious of hurting myself again but as another week went by and then another I knew that not hurting myself again was no longer a valid excuse. I was lacking the motivation that I needed.

Sometimes what we need is to re-evaluate why we’re working out or eating a healthy diet. Doing these things because we’ll look good or live longer or feel better might work for some people but some of us need more immediate goals to keep motivated.

For me soccer season was starting and I wanted to be able to keep up.

Having a weekly activity that you participate in can be a great reason to stay on top on your routine so you can participate fully and not get injured.

The other day a friend sent me a link with the question: interested? It was for an 5k obstacle race coming up in support of cancer research. I had been long interested in doing one of these increasingly popular races but never really entertained the though until now.

I replied back that I was definitely interest and already I’ve been thinking of how to switch up my workouts and diet to prepare for a challenging race like this. It’s given me another reason to exercise and my routine has some life again.

If you find yourself without motivation (and we all do at sometime or another) a new activity, challenge or sport can make all the difference.

Here are a few suggestions if you’re feeling stuck:

· try a brand new activity

· sign up for a race

· join a sports team that plays or practices on a regular basis

· sign up for class at your local gym or studio – something you’ll enjoy

· find a workout partner or friend to join you

· offer to walk someone’s dog (or walk your own!)

· subscribe to a service that sends workouts or meals to your email on a regular basis

None of these things need to be costly or overly time consuming but can make a big difference to staying on track with your fitness routine.

What’s one thing that you did to get yourself out of rut when you were lacking in motivation?

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