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  • Benefits of thinking positive

    11 avril 2017

    I have recently seen many of my mates complaining and nagging and moaning, the usual when things don’t go their way! This led me to write up a post about the power of thinking positive, and how it can help enhance you in many ways more than one. I have...

  • Lose Fat, Gain Muscle – Can You Really Do Both At Once?

    11 avril 2017

    The question really is…can you lose fat + gain muscle at the same time? Have you been hearing and reading everywhere that this isn’t possible? Well let me tell you something, whatever you have been hearing isn’t true! You can indeed lose fat and gain...

  • No Motivation? Do Something New

    11 avril 2017

    Have you ever been lacking in motivation? The idea of eating healthy or getting in a much needed workout seems like a good idea but you just don’t manage to get it done? Excuses pile up for why you can’t workout or why another cookie seems like a good...